Microbiological Tests


Communication drawn up following the result sent by the
GIALLOBLU Laboratory
PROT. No. 700.7.A.\.59.360/1756 DATED 25/10/1996

Re: Microbiological tests with our Vapor 3000, Vapor 9000 and 4 and 5 bar steam/suction equipment.
We inform you of the positive results of our microbiological tests carried out on the above-mentioned steam extraction devices.
The tests were carried out by contaminating three different surfaces with various families of bacteria: porcelain stoneware (to simulate tiled floors and walls), stainless steel (to simulate a cooker, sink, oven, hoods, hob, etc.), Teflon (to simulate plastic surfaces in general); in the following phase the surface was vaporised and then aspirated. The results of the analysis after the "cleaning" phase with our devices are positive, in many cases we have the complete removal of all bacterial colonies. You could even talk about sterilization, however the correct term is sanitization for all our devices.